Basilico Pizzeria

The restaurants have a design such as often seen on the French coast of the Adriatic. Both locations have large glass windows allowing patrons to feel as if they were outdoors.
Primarily a pizzeria, with a menu that offers more than 50 different pies, each baked in a eucalyptus wood-fired oven. The crust is thin, but not-to-thin, and the bottom of the pie slightly browned with the perfect amount of sauce and loaded with fresh ingredients. The pizza rivals the best in Bangkok and they've become so popular, they have opened a second location with more spots around town in the planning stage.
My two dining partners and I were about to embark on a pizza and pasta feast, hoping we could accomplish this before anybody realized we were here to review the restaurant. The first thing that I noticed was the wine list has more than 40 quality reds (mostly Italian) on the menu. Something else that I observed is they have more than 10 different wines available by the glass. This is a growing trend in quality restaurants, giving consumers more choics of wine tasting during different courses of their meal. We all opted to have a glass of their house wine, the Trebbiano Pasqua, a 2006 vintage for my friends who both enjoy drinking white wines with a fruity body while I chose the house red, the Sangiovese Pasqua with more of a medium body.

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