A L'etage

With a Parisian-style atmosphere, the interior offers fine detail to artwork, tableware, and pressed linen tablecloths with a spacious and comfortable atmosphere.
Most ingredients are imported and prepared with special attention to taste and presentation. For an appetizer, the sauteed scallops with leek confit and a sabayon wine sauce is equally recommended as is the foie gras du chef, pan-fried and served with cranberry compote. A nice vegetarian dish, grilled goat cheese on a bed of baby green salad with raspberry dressing. Main courses offer a large selection of meat and fish. Braised rabbit leg served on a risotto of wild mushrooms and a pumpkin puree is not to be missed. Another delicious choice is pan-fried monk fish on a bed of cabbage. Desserts include warm dark chocolate fondant and up-side down pear and banana tartlet and both are a great way to finish your dining experience..
There is an impressive wine list, mostly French with some Australian, with the menu matching each dish to a select wine. Staff has been well-trained to be versed on menu selections and the ingredients of each dish.


Vegetarian Food

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