Αξιοθέατα και ατραξιόν
Wat Phaya Wat Βουδιστικοί ναοί

08.00 - 17.00

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The location of the temple used to be the downtown of Nan when ancient kings moved the city to the west side ofNanRiver. The main chedi (pagoda) was built by laterite brick with Sukhothai style during Queen Jamadevi (660 A.D.) or Nang Chamthewi ofHariphunchaiKingdombut later was renovated with Chiangmai arts during the King Tilokaraj period (1442-1487 A.D.). In the main ubosot (Buddhist chapel) is enshrined Buddha statue called “Prachao Fon Saen Ha” or the Buddha of Rain whichNanpeople used to bring out for a possession to ask for rain. There is an engraved pulpit which is believed to be the oldest one madeNan’s craftsmen.

Opening hours: 8 am-5 pm

Contact: 0 5452 1118

To get there: This temple is located just before reaching the town on Highway No. 101. Take Highway 101 from Nan city to Ban Phaya Wat then turn right to Highway 1025 and go further about 300 meters.

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