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King Rama II Memorial Park The Royal Project, Κέντρα Έρευνας, Πάρκα και κήποι

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This park was built to honor King Rama II and is run by a royally-supported foundation. King Rama II was awarded the status of Person of the World by UNESCO for his contributions to the arts and culture of Thailand, and his achievements are celebrated in this compound. In addition, the King Rama II Museum, composed of four buildings, houses artifacts from the early Rattanakosin era, King Rama II’s household furniture, and showcases the lives of Thais during the king’s reign.

Nearby, there is an open theater and a botanical garden where plants cited in Thai literature are cultivated. A shop offers local products and young saplings for those wishing to grow the plants at home.

To get there by public transport, take a bus at the Municipal Market of AmphoeMueangSamutSongkhram, travelling from Mae Klong to Bang NokKhwaek and Ratchaburi, and get off in front of the park. By car, take Highway 35 (Thon Buri–Pak Tho) to Km 63 and drive through the town of SamutSongkhram. Switch to Highway 325 (SamutSongkhram–Bang Phae) and take a left turn between Km 36-37 for around approximately 1 kilometer.


The park is open during weekdays from 8.30 am–5.00 and on weekends from 8.30 am-5.30 pm. Admission is 20 baht for adults and 5 baht for children. For more information, call 0 3475 1666 and 0 3475 1376, or fax 0 3475 1376.

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