Αξιοθέατα και ατραξιόν
Geological Resource Museum (Minerals and Rocks Museum) Educational museums

Monday - Friday

08.30 - 16.30

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Established in 1948, the Geological Resource Museum is set on the first floor of the Emerald Building, next to the Department of Mineral Resources on Rama VI Road, and is aimed to educate people about the geological resources of Thailand. The exhibition is divided into three sections: (1) Geology: featuring the Earth, plate movements, earthquakes, minerals and rocks, geological surveys, ground water and fossils; (2) Mineral Resources: displaying specimens of gemstones and precious stones, uses of minerals, mineral fuels, petroleum and minerals from abroad; and (3) Special Exhibition, currently showcasing dinosaur fossils in Thailand.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 9am - 4:30 pm

Admission: Free but an advance permission request is required.

Contact: Tel : 0 2202 3669, 0 2202 3670, Fax  0 2202 3754, www.dmr.go.th



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