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Ang Phak Nam waterfall

     Ang Phak Nam Waterfall is a low-rise 5-level waterfall situated in Bo Thong district on Khao Yai Mountain. Along the 1.5-km. gradient walkway to the waterfall, visitors can enjoy the relaxing freshnes...

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Bok Krai Waterfall

Bok Krai Waterfall is located in Moo 8, Nam Chuet Subdistrict, Kra Buri District, Ranong, about 54 kilometres from Ranong Town by Highway 4 (Ranong-Chumphon). Between the 556th and the 557th milestones of Highway 4, ther...

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Buatong Waterfall and Jedsee Fountain Forest Park

    Buatong Waterfall and Jedsee Fountain Forest Park is one of the famous and attractive tourist destinations in Chiang Mai Province. The park is situated in Mae Taeng National Forest Reserve, village no....

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Bukepilo Waterfall or TawanRatsamee Waterfall

Bukepilo Waterfall or TawanRatsamee Waterfall is a natural tourist location in Yala. It is around 19 kilometers away from the Yala city. Follow the Yala- Kotabaru route and turn to TambolKotabaru to Tambol Ta Rue for aro...

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ChaloemPrakiat Ro Kao Waterfall

As, geologically, Yala province is a mountainous area and surrounded by forests with biodiversity. Therefore, this area is also the origin of many important rivers such as Pattani River and waterfalls. Inthason Waterfall...

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Chat Warin Waterfall
Chat Warin Waterfall(Narathiwat)

This medium-size waterfall has a year-round water supply and is shaded by large trees. Of most interest is a type of beautiful tree that grows in the area, the rare Bangsun Palm, found in jungles at 1,800 meters above se...

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Chong Dai Waterfall
Chong Dai Waterfall(Kanchanaburi)

Dai-Ching-Tong waterfall is a 15 metre limestone fall where all the water beautifully runs down a cliff into the pond below. The beauty is multiplies its extravagance during the rainy and cool season in Thailand. The fal...

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Chumsaeng Waterfall, aka Sai Rung Waterfall

Ranong is known as “the valley town” due to mountainous terrain in the province. Besides, biodiverse forest is found on mountains resulting in a large amount of groundwater under these mountains. Water then f...

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Cyber Waterfall or Namtok Hin Lat

This waterfall is in Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Reserve, one of the area’s prettier tourist attractions. Namtok Hin Lat is situated amidst the flora of the Huai Kha Khaeng forest. This multi-layered waterfall is form...

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Dai Chong Thong Waterfall

A medium-size waterfall located in KhaoLaem National Park’s lush forest is ideal for relaxing and unwinding.

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