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Art & Culture Gallery, Naresuan University (Sanambin Campus)

The Art & Culture Gallery was established with an aim to promote and preserve Thai arts and culture. Located at the resource centre on Sanam Bin road, the Gallery is divided into 3 sections: an art gallery, a museum,...

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Baan Sukhawadee
Baan Sukhawadee(Pattaya)

"*** POWER OF THOUGHTS IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS" ***.with this believe, I would like to Take this Opportunity to Introduce Baan Sukhawadee.     Baan Sukhawadee is an Amazing, Fascinating and A Beautiful "....

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Ban Chinnapracha

The first Sino-portuguese mansion in Phuket town, Ban Chinnapracha was built in circa 1903 during the era of King Rama V. The mansion was the former residence of Phra Phithak Chinnapracha (Tan Ma Sieng), son of a local t...

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Ban Sao Nak
Ban Sao Nak(Lampang)

This wooden house comprises up to 116 teak posts–‘Sao’ in Thai, so it is called Ban Sao Nak (‘Nak’ means “many” in the local dialect). Built in 1895 by Mong Chan-ong, the founder...

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Ban Song Puey Archeological Site

This significant historic and archeological site contains a variety of important religious structures from many centuries ago. Attractions include a large 8-meter-by-3-meter Buddha image dating back 200 years, a pagoda (...

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Chumphon National Museum

Located in new Chumphon Governmental Center, the Chumphon National Museum has exhibits such as: Chumphon Today, History of Chumphon, Chumphon during the World War II, and Typhoon Gay that devastated the area in 1989, kil...

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Khum Chao Burirat House

“Khum” means a mansion or house owned by members of Lanna royal family, thus Khum Chao Burirat literally means Chao Burirat’s mansion. Khum Chao Burirat is one of the few ancient “khum” left...

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Khun Ampai Panich Building

This beautiful building once belonged to Si Sa Ket nobleman Khun Ampai Phanit (In Naga-siharat). Built by Chinese and Mon craftsmen in 1925, the Chinese-style building is gracefully decorated with stucco motifs. It is we...

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Muang Gudi Resort
Muang Gudi Resort(Chiang Mai)

Muang Gudi Resort The Latest exquisite boutique hotel in Mar Rim, Chiang Mai is sitting in a quiet foothill of mountains surrounded by charming natural forest. Only 30 minutes drive from Chiang Mai International Airpo...

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Old Buildings on Buri Wanich Road

The 600 meter long row houses provide a pedestrian walkway that is shaded by the upper floor. The front of the concrete walled houses consist of three parts: the Roman styled color glass arch at the top, the wooden board...

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