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There are various opportunities for cyclists to enjoy Thailand.  This includes hiring tandem bicycles to cruise around beach towns such as Hua Hin, exploring the temples of Ayutthaya or Sukhothai, experiencing an extreme mountain biking adventure in Chiang Mai, or going on a multi-day bike tour that passes through small Thai villages and stops at natural and historical attractions along the way.  In fact, several tour operators specialize in historical and natural biking tours while also focusing on exposing visitors to Thailand to the beautiful countryside and welcoming hospitality of the Thai people.

In addition to a few operators who provide day tours around Bangkok, there are several cycling tour companies that offer two day to two week cross-country trips.  For those looking for the ultimate cycling adventure, the Tour de Thailand is an annual 29 day journey that begins in the north of Thailand, includes seven “off” days along the way for cyclists to rest and sightsee at top Thai attractions, and concludes in the south of Thailand 1,438 miles later.