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Εκτάσεις με λουλούδια και κήποι
Highlight Attractions in Thailand
Bua Tong Fields at Doi Mae U-Kho

The Dok Bua Tong (may be classified as wild sunflowers) blooms during November painting the entire hilly area of Doi Mae U-kho in brilliant yellow draw flocks of visitors to Khun Yuam district. Camping sites arranged dur...

Sunflower Fields

During the winter months of November and December, cheery yellow sunflower fields spring up along the Phatthana Nikhom-Wang Muang Road, offering a relaxing distraction to those passing by. The hardy flowering plants are...

Sunflower Field

The largest sunflower field in Thailand is located in Tambon Chong Sarika, Amphoe Phatthana Nikom. The rolling sunflower fields have become a major tourist attraction, especially during the cooler season from November to...

Sunflower Blossom on the Mountain at Bueng Sam Phan

The cool season in December brings blossoming sunflowers to Bueng Sam Phan, cheery blooms covering an expanse of 16 square kilometers. Bueng Samphan area is extensive: it encompasses Ban Khao Phluang and Ban Pa Yang vill...

Takhian Thong Waterfall

This beautiful waterfall sits as part of Tanao Si Mountain Range at the Thai-Burmese border in AmphoeSangkhlaBuri. The freshwater source is from the Myanmar, which flows downstream to Huai Song Ka Lia and later to KwaiNo...