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Koh Si-Re
Koh Si-Re


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Operating time: 07.00 - 17.00

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    Tambon Ratsada, Amphoe Mueang, Phuket

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Category : Χωριά και κοινότητες, Παραλίες και κόλποι

Attraction Details :

Ko Sire is not a very big island. If you like natural tourism as well as learning local people’s way of life, KoSire would be a great choice for you. It is a small island to the southeast of Phuket Island. Tha Chin Canal separates both islands linked by a bridge. On top of the mountain is the reclining Buddha. The beach is not suitable for swimming because its sand consists of mud. LaemTukkae (Tukkae Cape) is the location of Le Village, where sea gypsies or Chao Le or fishermen or Nam people or Chao Thai Mai people live. They settle in the southern region of Thailand, but they are mostly on the islands in the Indian Ocean. Le people mainly do fisheries and have a unique way of life. Only a few people open small shops. When you arrive at KoSire, you will see fishing boats mooring along the coast. Light poles are unique in Ko Sirebecause they are tied with twigs, which have never appeared anywhere else. The local people are also nice. Most men produce fishing tools, while most women take care of their children and sell handicraft made from seashells. Visitors can buy them as souvenirs from souvenir shops in the village that offer several kinds of seashells both decorated ones and undecorated ones.

Furthermore, KoSire has picturesque nature and scenery as well as the unique way of life.  Sire Temple designed by glorious architecture, which is on top of the mountain, offers natural beautyas far as eyes can see. On this mountain top, you will finda small temple with a huge reclining Buddha that is ravishing arts on the mountain peakamong the beautiful scenery. 

KoSire is 4 kilometers away from the city along Si Suthat Road covering an area of 20 square kilometers. Hotels on the cape are also provided to tourists to stay here.

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