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Arlymear Travel Company, Ltd.
Arlymear Travel Company, Ltd.


Contact Details

    Pitanu Boonyaratvej

    CCT Building, 109 Surawong Road

    Tel: +66 2 236 9317


    fax: +66 2 237 6874

Category : Γκολφ, Σπα και ευεξία, Ψώνια, Ιστορικές τοποθεσίες, Τοπικός τρόπος ζωής, Φυλές των λόφων, Πολιτιστικές παραστάσεις, Διαμονή σε ενοικιαζόμενο δωμάτιο οικογένειας, Ταϊλανδική πυγμαχία, Φύση και άγρια πανίδα , Παρατήρηση πουλιών, Φάρμες και οινοποιεία, Κρουαζιέρες, Κρουαζιέρες με δείπνο, Μαθήματα ταϊλανδικής κουζίνας, Σχολή καταδύσεων, Ανάβαση σε ελέφαντες, Πεζοπορία, Ποδηλασία, Ορεινή ποδηλασία, Παραλία, Ποτάμιο κανό/καγιάκ, Θαλάσσιο κανό/καγιάκ, Ψάρεμα

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Arlymear Travel is proud of its history that makes it one of the oldest inbound travel companies in Thailand. The company has grown from a simple inbound ground handling service for a German wholesaler into an independent full service destination management company currently serving customers worldwide.

We are particularly strong in the Americas including the new emerging markets of South America plus our established markets of the USA and Canada. Europe was our foundations in the 70s but it still constitutes a major client base with Austria, Germany, Portugal, Hungary, Spain, Switzerland and United Kingdom providing our core business. Add to this our newer markets such as Finland, Norway and Sweden.

A reputation for innovation in travel product design has seen us make inroads into specialized markets. Our specialty in the leisure inbound market, is our ability to design new features into a itinerary, add a wow factor and deliver quality at a price underscores Thailand’s undisputed claim as a value for money destination. Innovation and creative travel planning has seen Arlymear Travel expand into the incentives and conference markets where our experienced management team listens to and interprets our clients wish list to build a programme that will be memorable.


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